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New York Document Shredding

At New York Document Shredding we strive to offer economical paper shredding service options for your private NYC business papers. We understand the requirement to handle your sensitive records as well as meet with all New York state and federal privacy regulations.

About New York Document Shredding

New York Document Shredding’s local network has the proper tools and know-how to quickly and affordably destroy all of your sensitive information. Our contractors have efficient processes and capable hands working hard to ensure your private information stays safe.

Shredding is not an option for businesses. There are countless New York state laws that require the proper disposal of confidential business documents. Additionally, FACTA and HIPAA are federal laws that require the shredding of personal information before it is disposed.

Residential Shredding in New York City
Paperwork you keep at home is vulnerable to the sneaky, insatiable hands of identity thieves. Each year they learn new, creative ways to steal your information and assume your identity. Shredding your personal information is the best way to defend yourself and your family again viscous attacks.

You know you need to shred, but one question remains: what is the most efficient way to do the job? Using a professional shredding services you can have rooms full of documents shredded in no time. 

With industrial shredders, it’s a quick job. Plus, your security is increased because the paper is torn into irregular shapes and then mixed with thousands of pounds of other papers.  

After your paper is destroyed, you receive a certificate of destruction for your records. This is your verification that the work was done properly and in compliance with your records retention program.

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Paper Shredding Services Near Me in NYC


Shredding trucks come to your business or home and shred your confidential materials onsite. You can watch the entire process.

Off Site

Paper is picked up at your location and taken to a secure NYC shredding plant. This is a cost-effective service for larger jobs.

Hard Drive

Magnetic media including hard drives are physically destroyed and the pieces are melted down for metal recycling.

Service Options in New York City

  • Ongoing Service – Weekly, monthly or quarterly scheduled paper shredding services are available for those who are constantly piling up sensitive documents. You are given secure bins for you to distribute throughout your office and a driver regularly stops by and shreds the contents.
  • One Time Purges – We can send a professional to you just once if you want to get your document destruction project done in one day.